As an industrial designer I believe in a motto ever since I started; Shaping today means shaping the future

When I start to design, it will take a considerable amount of time for the sketches we draw to become a product for users. Depending on the product, this may take up to months, maybe even years. On top of that, the product I design will not be a ‘disposable’ product but one to be in use for years, perhaps even decades to come. Therefore, when I sit at the drawing table, I never design for today. I dream of the future and try to foresee how the next 10 years to 20 years will be like.

Trying to anticipate the needs of the future is a much more difficult task than one might think. In order to make accurate assumptions, one has to keep track of the trends from past to present, to research constantly and leave no rock unturned for inspiration.

I apply these key points to my design processes. I constantly investigate topics such as materials, graphics, form languages and I follow the changes in the automotive, fashion, furniture, materials industries, listen to the user and try to understand the changes in user behaviours. By keeping up with the technology, I transfer innovations from different industries to the products I design.

All these studies require a solid research discipline. I carry out my researches with this awareness. Researching and creating future scenarios may seem to be the fun part of the process, but it needs to be done systematically and has to be taken serious in order to achieve its goal.