HOOP warning system

Me and my partner Görkem Erdoğan are proud to be ranked 2nd in the Explorers category in the final of the Anadolu Group Bi-Fikir competition 2019 and to have participated in such a beautiful organization. We would like to thank all our executives and team mates who believe, support and strive as much as we do in this process.

HOOP warning system is an invention to warn the tailing vehicles on the road. While the vehicle behind you closes in distance HOOP shows the tailing car a warning light, flashing faster as it comes closer, to insure a safe distance between cars. HOOP was invented to make traffic safer and prevent many traffic accidents.

<< Scroll down for more pictures on the left or check out the video at the top for a demonstration.

ClientISUZUServicesIdeation, design, rendering, modelingYear2019

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