Producbillity, cost or even user behaviour can be neglected to some design diciplines, but aesthetic stays as a must to each of them. So, it is vital for me to start a design project by sketching. I believe in the relationship between the pen and paper to explore a product and to remove its boundaries.

At the end, my initial thoughts come alive by sketching. It could be a praphic work, a large-scale bus or a smaller-sized electrical home appliance. For me it starts by drawing and exploring the styling of the product. As long as I continue in this searching stage of the process, I keep drawing. As I keep drawing, the product form is shaped. The method I apply in the first stages of designing is definitely old-school hand drawn sketching.

But I never overlook the digital world. I use digital visualizations at later stages of design processes. Especially in product presentations or at introductory meetings. Since it is equally important to be able to sell a good idea aswell as finding one. I apply artistic and realistic digital tools at this stage. I work on my interactive screens throughout the day in order to fully convey the idea I believe in and to create a striking effect.

An effective presentation, a good idea and a striking visualization; At my final proposals, I determine the end products according to these three criteria.

All these studies require a solid research discipline. I carry out my researches with this awareness. Researching and creating future scenarios may seem to be the fun part of the process, but it needs to be done systematically and has to be taken serious in order to achieve its goal.